Why JGate

The importance of the garments sector in Jordan is attributed to its labor-intensive nature and its large contribution to Jordan’s total national exports (approximately 20% of Jordan’s total industrial exports). The sub-sector has shown remarkable growth in recent years, benefiting from the advantages provided by the incentives contained in the FTAs, which enable investors to access many of the world’s major markets. Jordan’s value proposition offers considerable potential to invest in textiles and in the production of fabrics, yarn, and fibers, along with the manufacturing of products using those materials. The leather products for which Jordan offers considerable investment opportunities include shoes and shoe parts, and leather bags.

The ready-made garment industry acts as a catalyst for the development of Jordan’s industry. The “Made in Jordan” tag has also brought glory to the country, making it a prestigious brand across the globe. The country, with its limited resources, has been maintaining an annual average GDP growth rate and has brought about remarkable social and human development.

The industry faces challenges of cost management and competition, and there is a need to innovate and produce more value-added products. This will require a shift in output from staples to designer items, and from bulk supplying to cultivating branded chains. These may be some way off, but signs point to Jordan’s garment manufacturers moving the market in this direction. The industries flourish as exports rise and well-known names in the apparel sector continue to support and prefer Jordan over other countries.