JGATE Sector Progress

The Jordan Garments, Accessories & Textiles Exporters’ Association has always looked for new ways to fulfil their public mission. National Sector Strategy, National Employment Program with MOL, Golden List Criteria, Sector Meetings, Mental Health Awareness Project, Dormitory Integrity Project, Annual Buyers Forum, Special Approvals and Exemptions, Collective Labor Agreement Concerning Nurseries in Workplaces, and MENATEX Project, have all been phases of great change in the association. The association experimented with new ideas, policies, processes, institutional arrangements, management tools, and technologies to create public value and effect positive change.

Furthermore, JGATE focuses on two main purposes: increasing revenue and investment, as well as ensuring social and economic welfare in order to develop a better understanding of how innovation happens in JGATE, which results in it appearing to be gaining increased traction among policymakers and researchers alike.

JGATE has a clear roadmap and ambitious plans to further promote and support the garment sector.