JGATE at a glance

The Jordan Garments, Accessories & Textiles Exporters’ Association (JGATE) is a nonprofit organization and the only trade association in the country representing several garment & textile industries in Jordan.
Starting its journey in 2003, today JGATE takes advantage of the benefits offered under the Qualified Industrial Zone (QIZ) and the Jordan-US Free Trade Agreement. In terms of problem-solving and rewarding partnerships, JGATE tries to generate substantial leverage between its manufacturing members and governmental institutes.
Since its inception, JGATE has been dedicated to promoting and facilitating the apparel industry through policy advocacy to the government, services to members, and ensuring workers’ rights and social compliance at factories. JGATE presents the large exporting factories and some medium factories exporting to the international markets and collaborates with local and international stakeholders, including brands and development partners, to pave the way for the development of the Jordanian industry and to improve the exporting aspect of the garment and textile sector in the country. Currently, JGATE has around 33 registered garment factories and is working to expand their connections.
As being the only association of a conglomeration of retailers and manufacturers, it serves as a single sourcing destination, thereby infusing efficiency of time and cost into the supply chain and enabling rapid growth of the overall market size.

In particular, JGATE has been a success since the latest strategic plan came in with the current board members and team leading JGATE to the right track by starting to recruit a whole new team, Executive Director, and an Administrative & Financial Manager, and then a Marketing & Communication Manager.
JGATE has been dedicated to promoting and supporting the clothing sector since its inception, through legislative lobbying to the government, member services, and ensuring employees’ rights and social compliance at factories. JGATE highlights the biggest exporting enterprises as well as several medium-sized exporting factories.


JGATE works with the mission of developing Jordanian garment and textile industries, the economy of the country, and export capacity. Members will be connected to the necessary resources to build export networks; improve supply chain collaboration; enhance production and design capabilities; attract investment; and advocate for policy development and reforms.


JGATE’S vision is “Transform Jordan’s garment sector into a world-class fashion industry.
• Reliability
• Trust
• Ability to deliver
• Proactiveness

Strategy Statement

“While aspiring to Transform Jordan’s garment sector into a world-class fashion industry, JGATE will shift from being an issue-based prganization to serving as a platform for the entire garment sector and the main advocate for all sector players. In doing so , JGATE will keep committed to delivering value-added services focused on its members from large and medium internationally exporting factories.“