About JGATE Membership

JGATE collaborates to create a meaningful, sustainable change within the apparel and textile industry by connecting on shared opportunities and ideas.

JGATE is the world’s leading association and the brand owner for apparel manufacturers, representing the business interests of several professional industries. These industries comprise manufacturers of apparel, manufacturers of textiles & garments, and many others related to the industry of apparel.

 JGATE’s membership directly and indirectly represents over a hundred factories and employees, which also provides exclusive expertise and drives progress across supply chain & sourcing; trade, logistics & manufacturing; and brand protection to reflect the idea of cooperation between buyers and suppliers; a responsible global approach with a focus on improvements to achieve practical support and intensive knowledge for the garment industry.

 “The Sourcing Partner Selection” welcomes discerning buyers looking for a one-stop market for their apparel needs. Through JGATE association, buyers can source from top-quality, high-end manufacturing facilities through these industry bodies and ensure the quality of the services and products and the satisfaction of our clients with extreme professionalism and rigor. Below is a list of our members and an introduction to what they manufacture. Buyers can choose sourcing partners from JGATE’s membership.