Mr. Sanal Kumar

Classic Group of Companies that has multinational bases and operations. The Group has notable presence in the garment sector of Jordan, land development and construction sector of UAE and Jordan, travel sector of Jordan, IT sector of India and cladding and glazing sector of Middle East. The Group supplies products to leading international supply chains and reputed global brands.Mr.Sanal Kumar Graduated in Bachelor of Science in the year 1976-79  from University of Kerala, University College Trivandrum, Kerala State, India & Charted Accountancy from the Institute of Chartered accountants of India. Mr. Sanal Kumar started Classic Fashion Apparel Industry Co ltd, in Jordan in the year 2003 with just 300 employees, 130 machines and an output valued at US$2 million, Now, in 2018, after a decade and half of consistent growth, the firm employs 24000 people and operates over 12000 machines to produce 78 million garments with an annual turnover of US$500 million in 2018, contributing to 28% of the income from Jordan’s total garments exports.