Mr. Hussam Saleh

Mr. Hussam Saleh holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering in 1987 from Karlsruhe, Germany. In 1997 and is Shareholder SABCO5 and Jordan River Garment Trading L.L.C. SABCO5 which is considered as one of the pioneers in the invitations of the Jordanian garment industry within the concept of a total look for ladies collections (ladies suiting & casual). Mr. Saleh sell their products in their 5 owned shops under the private label of  five fashion way and Jordan River , also owns fashion shops (mono stores) for top European Ladies & Men fashion Brands. Mr. Saleh is an expert is Pattern making, Grading and Design, textile science- nature and chemistry of fibers, and also enjoys deep knowledge in elements and principles of Design-Design standards in relation to color theory, design pattern, embroidery and its fall. he has a special diploma in Fashion studies The London Fashion Center for fashion studies (London UK) and he is a member at the British Universities Alumni Association