Board Of Directors

Mr. Farhan Ifram
JGATE Chairman / Chief Executive Officer of “MAS KREEDA Al Safi”
Mr. Farhan Ifram is currently the Chief Executive Officer of “MAS Al Safi Apparel Manufacturing” ، an active wear manufacturing unit in Jordan owned by MAS Active; a Sri Lankan apparel leader in East Asia. Mr. Ifram has been in this industry since graduation from the “University of Jordan” in 1994 with a BS degree in Industrial Engineering. He has held several managerial positions in several garment manufacturing companies in two countries, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. Since 2006 until date, he has been active with Jordan’s Garments Association for Trade Exporters (JGATE), which is the association that represents the Apparel Sector in Jordan. In addition, he is a founding member of the “Workers’ Center Association” which provides support to the employees of the apparel sector and an honorary member of the Project Advisory Committee of “Better Work Jordan” which is an NGO made of collaboration between the IFC and the ILO to improve the working conditions of the employees in the apparel sector.

Mrs. Dina Khayyat

JGATE Vice Chairman, Representative Casual Wear

Board Member at: Zarqa Chamber of Industry, Regional Food Processing Co. (Best Foods),
Near East Council of Churches Committee for Refugee, Arab Federation For Food Industry.
Board of Trustee at: AL Bait University (Government), Jordan Hashemite Fund for Human Development.
Consultancy service for the garment sector in Jordan , Employing women, Cooperate with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to employ PWS ( Persons With Disability) through Job Coach system. Hold Number 38 out of 50 most powerful business women in the Middle East (per Forbes 2008).: Participated in several conferences such as:
– UK Summit for Syrian Refugees, ILO United Nation seminar on Forced Labor in Supply Chain.
– Women as Partners in Progress (WPP) ,The George and Lisa Zakhem Kahlil Gibran Chair for Values and Peace, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences,University of Maryland,
– Mashreq Conference on Women’s Economic Empowerment
– Regional Consultation on International Migration in the Arab Region (Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, UN Beirut
– Enabling the Private Sector to Support Refugee-Hosting Communities. An EBRD Hosted Side Event (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), UK
– Supporting Syria &The Region London Donor Conference, UK
– Focus Event: Jobs and Economic Development, a speaker on Jordan Garment sector.
– Summit of Eight (G8) Economic Participation of Women in the ME and North Africa, London
Voluntary work for Several Welfare Societies in Jordan: Ad-Dulayl Woman Association, Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein Club for the Deaf, Al Razi Center for special Education .
1985 Bachelor of Business Administration, George Washington University -Washington D.C.-U.S.A.

Mr. Hussam Saleh

JGATE , Secretary / General Manager for Abdel Qader Saleh & Brothers co (Sabco 5 )

Mr. Hussam Saleh holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering in 1987 from Karlsruhe, Germany. In 1997 and is Shareholder SABCO5 and Jordan River Garment Trading L.L.C. SABCO5 which is considered as one of the pioneers in the invitations of the Jordanian garment industry within the concept of a total look for ladies collections (ladies suiting & casual). Mr. Saleh sell their products in their 5 owned shops under the private label of five fashion way and Jordan River , also owns fashion shops (mono stores) for top European Ladies & Men fashion Brands. Mr. Saleh is an expert is Pattern making, Grading and Design, textile science- nature and chemistry of fibers, and also enjoys deep knowledge in elements and principles of Design-Design standards in relation to color theory, design pattern, embroidery and its fall. he has a special diploma in Fashion studies The London Fashion Center for fashion studies (London UK) and he is a member at the British Universities Alumni Association
Mrs. Oryana Awaysheh

JGATE Board Member / Treasurer, Jearsh Garment

Mr. Sanal Kumar
JGATE Board Member / founding Chairman and Managing Director of the Classic Group of Companies
Classic Group of Companies that has multinational bases and operations. The Group has notable presence in the garment sector of Jordan, land development and construction sector of UAE and Jordan, travel sector of Jordan, IT sector of India and cladding and glazing sector of Middle East. The Group supplies products to leading international supply chains and reputed global brands.Mr.Sanal Kumar Graduated in Bachelor of Science in the year 1976-79 from University of Kerala, University College Trivandrum, Kerala State, India & Charted Accountancy from the Institute of Chartered accountants of India. Mr. Sanal Kumar started Classic Fashion Apparel Industry Co ltd, in Jordan in the year 2003 with just 300 employees, 130 machines and an output valued at US$2 million, Now, in 2018, after a decade and half of consistent growth, the firm employs 24000 people and operates over 12000 machines to produce 78 million garments with an annual turnover of US$500 million in 2018, contributing to 28% of the income from Jordan’s total garments exports.

Mr. Ihab Qadri
JGATE Board Member / Board member – Representative of leather and garment sector at Jordan chamber of industry / Partner and Manager at ( Al Karam Qadri Garments) one of Qadri Group Companies
Sixteen years experience in the field of garment manufacturing, Exporting and retail chain units, Graduated in 2004 from the Hashemite University/ Jordan with BS degree in mechatronics engineering, Obtained certificates in international marketing, innovation management and Governance and Management for business association, he has held several positions at NGO’s
“Qadri” is a trademark for high class garments product by Al Karam Qadri garments manufacturing company, they are export oriented garment makers since 1993 their sister companies and group running similar whole sale and retail business in Jordan. UAE, Palestine and China since 1927.
Their export markets cover most parts of the world, where there is a market for Muslim ladies garments exists.

Mr. Mansour Ali
JGATE Board Member / Managing Director Needle Craft Group

NCG is one of the leading exporter of Sportswear, Active wear and Casual wear garments from Jordan. NCG comprises of below garments manufacturing facilities with state of the art in house Embroidery, Laser Cutting, Bonding, Sew Free, Garments Screen Printing and Garments Sublimation Printing capabilities in Jordan;

· Needle Craft Clothing Industries
· Casual Wear Apparel LLC
· Fine Apparel LLC

Powerful blend in marketing, merchandising, sourcing and operations with a 20+ years proven track in garment industry. Fellow member (FCA) of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP).

Mr. Ali Imran

JGATE Board Member / Director Operations of Hi Teck Factory

Mr. Nabil
JGATE Board Member / Interteck