Buyers Forum

The Jordan Garment Alliance, JGATE, JCI, the Syndicate of Garments and Textile Manufacturers, and the General Trade Union attended the 11th Better Work Jordan Multi-Stakeholders Forum. As part of a partnership between the ILO and the IFC, the programme implemented by Better Work supports global fashion brands in mitigating supply chain risks. It thereby offers support to suppliers within Jordan’s garment sector to optimize adherence to labor standards and compliance. During the event, international buyers and national stakeholders discussed means to further advance the sectors overall competitiveness. As highlighted by the Chairman of JGATE, it is essential to look beyond minimum standards and compliance, in order to achieve new milestones. According to the Vice Chairman of JGATE, an active stance is taken towards higher involvement of women in the sector, as well as the inclusion of individuals with disabilities. In line with the aforementioned, the General Trade Union emphasized the commitment of all stakeholders along the value chain towards labor environment sustainability. Further, according to the JCI Garment Representative and Vice Chairman of the Syndicate of Garments and Textile Manufacturers, the gap between market demand and education curriculums ought to be closed in order to ensure maximum employability within the sector. He moreover emphasized that increased collaboration and capacity building between large exporters and SMEs is necessary for sustainable sector growth.

The final buyers’ statement closing remarks highlighted the following:

  • Establishment of a zero-recruitment fee mechanism for souring of migrant workers;
  • Further protection of migrant’s mental health and safety, and establishment of centralized medical centers staffed with native medical;


  • Replication of the workers’ center located in the Al-Hassan Industrial City across the Kingdom;
  • Freedom of association through social dialogue to encourage workers’ voice representation;
  • Encouragement of deeper between active brands/buyers; and,
  • Deeper focus on buyers’ assessment reports to filter out key issues within the industry in need for escalation.


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