Al-Hassan Workers Center – A welcoming home for Expat Workers serving the Jordanian Garment Industry


A recent visit to the Al-Hassan Qualified Industrial Estate in Irbid had to encompass a quick tour around the multi-purpose Workers Center which offers expats access to job-skill training services, cultural-orientation for new-joiners, a range of recreational facilities, an in-house canteen, and counselling services with regards to legal, mental, as well as health matters. Supported by the ILO through the Better Work Jordan programme, the Center ultimately improves work-life balance of garment workers coming from different nations by pushing forward sustainability in terms of adherence to Jordanian labor laws and promoting overall competitiveness of the Jordanian garment manufacturing industry within the global supply chain by setting role-model standards. The Worker’s Center has received additional support from USAID, JGATE, Irbid Chamber of Industry, the General Trade Union for Garment and Textile Industries, apart from other local garment factories and international garment manufacturing brands. Ever since the opening of the Center, it has rapidly become an integral part of workers lives – a home, away from home.

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